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Friends and strangers,

This website is a collection of several of my poems.  All of my poetry and other writings are copyrighted and not to be used or reproduced by others without my written permission, in advance. Please feel free to link to this site if you want to, but do not place my writing on your own site without asking me first and referencing the poetry's copyright information. If you need to contact me, is my public email address.

My writing is something that I am passionate about and one of the few things that I have actually gotten right through the years, truth be told.  At my best, at my worst, and at my most uncertain and at my most certain, this is me and my experiences as I saw and felt them, at the time. So, it means a lot to me that others are moved by my poetry and can identify with things that I have written from my own experiences.

Thoughts, afterthoughts, and relevant dedications are listed at the beginning of every poem. Most of my writing is either inspired or provoked – usually the latter, whether that is internally or externally. So, to those of you who have inspired and provoked me in the past… I am grateful for your “help.”


Margaret Ann


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